Terms and Conditions

1. Our installed inverters come with 6 months manufacturer's warranty.

2. Implication of 1. above is that damaged inverter is repaired at no cost to the client,however it is the client's responsibility to have the inverter/item sent to the manfcaturer in Nigeria.

3. Our inverters are highly reliable and durable. However, 99% of burnt inverter boards are due to surge from lightning and bad generators.Therefore manufacturers no longer offer waranty for any case of burnt inverter board.Client is charged for board replacement.

4. Inverter installation charge does not include correction of electrical faults in clients premises and also assumes that adequate wiring of client's premises have been done,which includes proper seperation of loads via a central electrical distribution panel.

5. This warranty becomes void if the inverter has been opened or has a physical damage.

6. Clients are requested to engage only qualified personnel for inverter installation.

7. HiSystems applies the highest level of safety standards and professionalism in all of its installations and products and expects its clients to follow intstructions on the usage of its inverters and other products. HiSystems does not take any responsibility whatsover in the event of any damage or loss of life or property resulting from the use of its products.

8. No refund of money after payments for goods or services.

For complaints,please send an email to info@hisystems.com.ng