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  • 1.Solar Powered Bore Holes and Fountains
  • 2.Street Lighting
  • 3.Farm and Garden Lighting
  • 4.Solar Refrigeration & Heating
  • 5.Housing Electrification
  • 6.Security Alarms, Lights and CCTV
  • 7.Traffic Lights, Signs, Safety
  • 8.PABX, Repeaters, Other Telecommunications


Solar panel prices  vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer and also the the type of panels in question. Generally,pure crystalline solar panels are much more expensive than the amorphous types and they last much longer.Some makes include Simba,Suntech,Solar world,Sharp,Trika,BP solar panels and many others.

All our solar panels are ISO 9001/2000 certified framed panels that are produced using pure crystalline silicon solar cells imported from Germany while all production are done to the best of standards in india.

Advantages of solar power technology
  • Always available,except during solar eclipses(very rare) and nights
  • No recurring costs,free solar energy source
  • Low maintenance
  • Ease of installation
  • No noise and environmental pollution

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