We implement and develop any software application you want, for computers or mobile phones, customized to meet your specific needs and designed professionally to give that image and satisfaction, whether it be banking, education, game, politics, government, religion, just anything you can conceive. Conceive it, a new universe? We can deliver on it!

Apart from our indigenous programmers, we have a large global network of professional programmers , who are always available to deliver superb solutions for us. Our clients know that support for us is not an issue when it comes to technology. Here, there are no limits! Whatever the platform: Java, PHP, C++, VB, C#, Python, SQL server, Oracle, MySql, even the ancient Fortran, just anything!

Some of Our Softwares

Cedar ----- A church software which makes it so easy to manage human and financial resources of a church. You can generate weekly/monthly/yearly membership reports, tithes, offerings, expenses, others as you desire. With a glance, it’s so easy to know how the church is doing. Available for one-branch and multi-branch churches.

Skola------An educational software that measures performance of students as well as teachers. Keeps everyone on top of his/her job! Provides report on students, teachers, and the school as a whole, whenever required-daily, weekly, termly or yearly. It’s unique and outclasses every other school performance solution you know.

Trace------A key solution for a decaying civil service. Tracks file movements from office to office and measures performance of departments, units and ministries  as a function which partly depends on how effective offices are in handling incoming and outgoing files.

Contrate------Contractors rating application. Measures contractors’ performances and automatically ranks them based on their job performances, and necessarily blacklisting all defaulting contractors.

OptiLoc------An online/SMS based solution which helps to  improve staff satisfaction in large and branched-organisations by ensuring that all swappable staff positions are fully filled and optimised.

And many more…

Some of these softwares will soon be available on this website for your download.